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Lighting in the Home | An introduction to the Family of ShopforLights


   Without Dark, we cannot appreciate the Light.  


How did lighting evolve beyond necessity and become art?  At one point we, ad people, only had stars and moon light. Eventually we found how to control fire as a light source.  Next electricity, electrical storage like batteries, and eventually light bulbs. Thomas Edison gets a lot of the credit here, but he is not the inventory of light bulbs.  He is the inventory of the first commercially viable lightbulb by adjusting the filament in bulbs already made, but not viable for use across the globe. Sometime in early 1878, Thomas Edison began developing a practical incandescent lamp and in October 1878, Edison filed his first patent for "Improvement In Electric Lights". A year later in late 1879, he filed another U.S. patent for an electric lamp using "a carbon filament or strip coiled and connected to platina contact wires." This paved the way to the incandescent bulb that was mostly used up until just a few years ago. 

We take this for granted. We know this. You know this. We can walk into a room and flip a switch, lightly graze a touch pad, or activate an app on our phones to turn lights on. We barely think about it. With motion activated lighting, we actually don't have to think about turning on lights, or questioning if we will be in the dark. 

So, now we want this invisible luxury to function, as we mindlessly expect it, and to look good. Our light sources need to "Speak to us" artistically and cosmetically. No longer do we only use lighting fixtures to enhance a focal point in the home, like a piece of art, or decor. Light fixtures have become focal point attention seekers all by themselves.

There is a pride in having your own space, and even more pride when it looks good, and functions correctly.  Having the right light fixtures to illuminate our domain, satisfy our self expression, be made well, is no longer difficult to find and obtain. 

ShopforLights is part of the DirectBrands family which consist of wholesale and retail. The first company, A Direct Cabinet Distributor, started back in 1996. This company was founded with the builder and renovator in mind. It supplies and ergonomically designs kitchens and bathroom cabinetry throughout Long Island, NY.  Eventually, A Direct found a need to supply kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures to better service the builder. Having sinks and faucets in inventory also grew into supplying other cabinet shops with these items and counter top fabrication shops as well.   Sometime around 2008, A Direct took a chance and started a website to sell the plumbing supplies online. was born.  Since then, and up to today, Directsinks has evolved into a website with loyal customers, informative blogs and an ever expanding and refining product line. 

 Prior to the ShopforLights website we realized that everyone that works at ADirect has Kichler Lighting in their homes. I have porch lights and a hallway light. Someone else has two bathroom lights and, Adirect's owner, when he was a custom home builder, always used Kichler products for his clients. With this, we felt we wanted to simply focus on a brand that we were proud to put in our own homes, our neighbors homes, and our client's homes. We took our knowledge of the online shopping experience and now developed ShopforLights.

We have worked with other lighting companies and were disappointed with their product and the support we received when our clients were dissatisfied. We were essentially told "figure it out" and "not our problem".   When we spoke to Kichler, we were pleased with the conversations. We were treated with respect and thoroughly vetted to ensure we can represent their brand correctly. 

As we were previewed to the brand as sellers, we found that Kichler supplies us with a vast amount of resources about the product, the science of it's fixtures, and even how to properly light up the space for our clients. 

One last thing, we are excited to be a company that can supply you, our client, with product you want and need. We are nothing without our clients. We know there are other companies to buy from, and that you chose us, a small family business, makes a difference to us. Every sale, regardless of value, affects us positively. We are not publicly traded, we are not part of a monster conglomerate. We don't have CFOs and a Board of Directors. We have family that works together and employees that are family.   

With a sincere thank you,

   Ted, Karly, Joe, Kevin and Leo 


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