Collection: Cluster and Linear Pendant Lighting

Cluster Pendants offer added visual appeal to the standard pendant light.  These are great to use over a smaller kitchen island where multiple single pendants would look too close to one another. Cluster pendants also fit well over a large round table.  Often in clusters of an odd number of bulbs, these fixtures offer a more organic shape. This "odd number" style appeals to most people without realizing.  For example, if your neighbor planted four trees evenly spaced in a row, it might look nice, but something will seem off, perhaps unnatural.  If that same neighbor planted five trees, three to the left, and two to the right, it would look better. You may not realize why it looks better, but it is because it looks more organic; like it could have happened purely by nature.   

Obviously, light fixtures are not from nature, but having a cluster of four lights versus a cluster of five lights will appeal to you in a similar way.  Some of the larger cluster pendants have an even number of lights, but will have a staggered size or design to offset the symmetry.

Many of these fixtures have matching pendants and chandeliers.

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